Permanent eyebrow make-up

Microblading eyebrows

Microblading is a method of permanent make-up. The hair-like appearance of the eyebrows is drawn with a small blade made up of several fine tips. The result is a natural looking eyebrow. It differs from the classic permanent make-up method by using a hand-held pen into which the blades are inserted.

Eyebrows before and after my permanent makeup:

Recommended care after the procedure

TODAY: on the day of the procedure, about 5 times until bedtime (wipe wet, wipe dry, cream)

SECOND TO SEVENTH DAY: In the morning and in the evening, wipe the brows lightly (from the original application), let them breathe for a minute to dry and then apply a thin layer of cream. Apply the cream a total of 4 times a day - morning, noon, afternoon and evening before going to bed.

Immediately after the procedure, you will have a layer of cream applied to the wound, which after 30 minutes after the end of the procedure, wipe with a wet and then dry cotton swab. Reapply a thin layer of cream.  The wound must be smooth, clean and dry after each wipe. A yellowish or brownish secretion remains on the cotton wool after wiping. This is the secretion of the lymphatic system, residues of cream and pigment. Improper swabbing would cause an accumulation of lymph secretion, which would soon form a rough scab. Along with the scab, pigment would fall out in the healing process.

On the day of the procedure:

At 1.5 - 2 hour intervals (about 5 times before sleep), wipe both eyebrows thoroughly in all directions with a damp pad (skimmed water).

Swab wounds must remain smooth to the touch, clean to the eye and free of lymph deposits in individual hairs. Then wipe the eyebrows with a dry swab to remove excess moisture. Apply a thin layer of cream.

WARNING: You may experience pinching, burning and stinging during the swabbing period, given that it is a fresh wound, even if only superficial. You must endure! J

Repeat the process completely today only - the day of the procedure in the following days: (wipe wet, wipe dry, cream)

From the second to the seventh day:

In the morning and evening, wipe the brows lightly (from the original application), let them breathe for a minute to dry and then apply a thin layer of cream.

More sensitive skins have accumulated lymph residues in the morning, despite the thorough wiping you did on the day of the procedure.

The amount of the cream is designed for about 8-10 days, it is recommended to apply a thin layer: in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and before going to bed. When the skin feels dry and tight. The basic rule is that the eyebrows must neither overdry nor suffocate in the amount of cream.

If you're not sure if the amount of cream applied is sufficient, wait a minute or two after applying it to your brows until the cream is at body temperature and run a dry finger over it. If it becomes too oily, a dry finger will pull off the rest of the cream. If it seems dry at that point, cream a little more.

Around day 6, small scales (snakeskin) with a pattern of hairs start to come off your eyebrows. It is important that the drawing remains on the skin. Its intensity does not matter at this time as the eyebrows will take 28 days to regenerate overall. During this period of 28 days - the length of time it takes for the regeneration of the cell in the layer being affected - the eyebrows may go through different stages. The pigment may soften slightly on about the 10th day, and will come out in a few days. The balance at the time of correction and after healing is important.

A week after the procedure, the eyebrows will be noticeably darker - to the extent that a thin layer of flat crust is formed - but it is always in individual hairs, never as a full crust.

The intensity and contrast will subside after peeling. The eyebrow will be 10 - 15% thinner after healing (even the knee has a larger fresh wound than the scar afterwards). The eyebrow may itch slightly during the healing process (do not scratch of course). For sensitive skin types, slight swelling and redness may be visible immediately after the procedure, but this should subside by the next day.

Recommendations for the next 8 days:

  • Avoid any cosmetics in the eyebrow area (you can apply make-up, powder - as you are normally used to, but except for the eyebrows and 2 cm around it. Do not under any circumstances coat the eyebrows with powder, make-up or apply these products in the immediate vicinity of the eyebrows).
  • Wash your hair in front of you, wash your eyes and face with water in the morning - except for your eyebrows.
  • Avoid tanning beds, saunas, swimming pools, excessive humidity (e.g., steaming in an enclosed shower, drawing on dewy glass), excessive temperatures (hot car in summer, it is recommended to air out the car first from the greatest heat, then sit down and run the air conditioner. Sitting in a hot car and waiting for the air conditioner to cool down is insufficient.
  • Avoid the sun and sunbathing (in any case, the head in the shade and the body in the sun does not work).
  • Avoid exercise, due to increased metabolic exchange and sweating.

In case of any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Powdered eyebrows

Example of eyebrows before and after:

Powdered eyebrows ─ recommended care

After the procedure, the client leaves with her eyebrows treated. After that, the eyebrows need to be lubricated every day ( preferably 1-2 times ), but with all perms, the less the more. The client must lubricate, but really very little and always with a cotton bud. Never with your fingers, because it is a wound that can easily be damaged by careless handling.

The eyebrows ( like other permanents ) need to be taken care of for about 7-10 days. During this time, nothing other than the recommended Vaseline or ointment must be applied to the eyebrows. The client must be careful when washing her hair and face that no water gets on her eyebrows. Of course, she can use creams and make-up as she likes, but the eyebrow area should always be left out. During this time, the eyebrows will peel off and then they can look very light. For the next 3 weeks the colour works in the skin and settles down to a certain intensity. The client therefore sees the result of the first application after approximately 4 weeks.

After the application, it is not recommended to play sports for a week ( due to sweating ) and it is also necessary to avoid swimming pool, sauna and solarium. In summer, fresh perm should be protected from direct sunlight. This does not mean that permanent make-up is not done in summer. There are many countries in the world where it is summer all year round and perms are of course applied there. However, there are limitations to be considered, so don't plan your application immediately before a seaside or mountain holiday or a spa break.

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