Hydrogen peeling

What is hydrogen peeling?

the use of water hydrogenation technology not only purifies, but also slows down the aging process. additional
The hydrogen molecule traps free oxygen molecules (free radicals) on the surface of the skin and combines into a water molecule, harmless to the skin and body. Performing this treatment in series brings spectacular rejuvenating and brightening effects. thanks to the special tips, the cleansing effect is very precise and the treatment can be performed even on delicate and sensitive skin. it is a real revolution in the cosmetic market.

Hydrogen peeling equipment

Yoshida Hydrogen Peeling

New on the market!Yoshida hydrogen peeling is an innovative device that combines the most effective technologies for skin revitalization.


In the next stage, we use high-frequency ultrasound. The device controls the amount and depth of injection of the active substance into the skin. Ultrasound improves hydration, nourishment and regeneration of the skin. The preparations reach the deep layers of the epidermis, which prevents evaporation of the active substances.

Radio waves

The use of radio waves creates endogenous heat in the skin, which heats the collagen and elastin fibres to a temperature of 45-57 degrees Celsius. As a result, the fibres shorten, giving the effect of a non-surgical skin lift. The radio waves stimulate the growth of fibroblasts, resulting in thickening of the skin and reducing the problem of visible erythema.There are three types of waves to choose from and different power of the operating head.

Heat head cold

Technology that uses temperature changes in the head. In the setting options we select cooling or heating. The temperature range of the hot head is 40-55 degrees Celsius, the temperature range of the cold head is 15-20 degrees Celsius. The heat-cool hammer stimulates the skin to function better, improves its condition, stimulates the blood vessels to work. this allows to reduce erythema problems, to firm the blood vessels, to cool the skin after strong stimulation treatments or at the beginning of the treatment to enlarge the pores and to warm the tissue with softening masks.