Monochromatic light tunnel

What is monochromatic therapy?

Monochromatic light therapies are used not only in cosmetics, but even in dermatology and surgery to promote tissue healing. The effectiveness of this physical therapy has been proven in a number of tests.
Monochromatic light therapy is also called:
- PDT - photodynamic therapy
- photodynamic therapy
- LED light
Monochromatic light devices use special, chip-based technology, the purity of LED beams is more than 99% for red, blue and green light (verified by NAALT and FDA certified). The Omega light tunnel provides pure light for primary colors. RGB combination occurs for other shades.

Proven effective in clinical trials.

Omega monochrome tunnel offers

Omega monochrome tunnel
  • increase the effects of classic cosmetic treatments
  • faster recovery after needle mesotherapy 
  • excellent combination with BB Glow 

Red light 630 - 635 nm

improves blood circulation, skin elasticity and its overall condition, removes wrinkles, helps heal damaged skin after injuries, reduces pores and also significantly increases collagen production; among other things, it helps with a "tired" face.

Blue light 400 - 470 nm

antibacterial ( = disinfectant ) against bacteria (Porphyrins) in the skin - ideal for the treatment of acne (acne vulgaris). At the same time it is effective on sensitive skin. Acts against "inflamed" skin (redness), also improves the condition of acne scars. In most clients it can reduce the appearance of acne by 50-60% in a very short time.

Green light 525 - 548 nm

can balance the ratio of pigment in the skin, "age spots", reduces fine wrinkles, nourishes aging skin, helps restore cellular stability and balance metabolism. It also helps pale, grey or yellowish skin, hair growth - it has a positive effect on hair roots, counteracts hair fall in women and men. It also has healing effects.

Yellow light 560 - 590 nm

improvement of microcirculation, vascular problems, helps "cellular respiration", supports cellular immunity, detoxifies. It also promotes skin cell regeneration and reduces redness. It is often used in depigmentation treatments. 

Violet light 410 nm

helps in the treatment of rosacea or acne, can also soften scars and redness after acne