Permanent eyeliner make-up

I perform permanent make-up of upper and lower eyeliner.

Permanent eyelines - recommended care

The lines are the only permanent that the client hardly has to take care of. They are not erased, just the tattooed area should be avoided for a week. This means that she must not wear make-up or cream on her eyes for a week, or wash in the traditional way. It's best to take a cotton swab, wet it and wipe the eye.

After the application, it is not recommended to play sports for a week ( due to sweating ) and it is also necessary to avoid swimming pool, sauna and solarium. In summer, fresh perm should be protected from direct sunlight. This does not mean that permanent make-up is not done in summer. There are many countries in the world where it is summer all year round and perms are of course applied there. However, there are limitations to be considered, so don't plan your application immediately before a seaside or mountain holiday or a spa break.

You can find me near České Budějovice, in the premises of Wellness Hotel Diamant at Hluboká.

Orders: +420 777 105 157

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