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Permanent makeup is the ideal choice for women who want to look great without everyday makeup. Imagine waking up with perfectly shaped brows and makeup that lasts all day, no matter what you do.

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What is permanent make up?

Permanent make up is a surface micropigmentation. Pigments are injected into the top layer of the skin using special devices. It does not replace conventional make-up, as some women think. The purpose of PMU is to accentuate and enhance the natural beauty of the face and in some cases to rejuvenate and brighten sagging features. It is also definitely a mistake to confuse PMU with classic tattoos. The differences are in the materials used, the devices and the depth of the colour incorporation. In the past, many clients were used to PMU lasting up to 10 years. Since 2002, a new ink formulation has been approved by the European Union. Nowadays, PMU should be expected to last 2 to 3 years ( microblading technique 1-2 years ). Many factors play a big role in this respect, e.g. skin quality, age, hormonal changes, frequent sweating and sun exposure, etc.

What do I need to know before the application?

Before you decide to undergo PMU application, you should find out some information about it. I often find that clients come to me completely uninformed and are surprised to find, for example, that the PMU peels off during healing or that there are some restrictions for a few weeks after the application. The most important are the contraindications ( pregnancy, diabetes, blood thinners,...)After chemotherapy, you need to wait 6 months for the body to regenerate. That is why I recommend to call first and inform yourself in advance.

Two days prior to the PMU, it is advisable not to drink coffee, alcohol or any energy drinks before the procedure. It is best to come to the procedure unmakeup and if you are going for PMU eyeliner, be sure not to wear false eyelashes.
PMU application takes 1.5 - 2 hours. It includes a consultation on color, shape, etc. I still have clients coming to me who are afraid of pain. This is mainly because the procedures done in past years were really painful. Today, there are a number of effective anesthetics on the market that allow us to have an almost or completely painless application. I can say from my own experience that more than one client has fallen asleep while undergoing PMU.
Clients who are going for a lip PMU and suffer from cold sores should know that it is a good idea to have Herpesin tablets prescribed prior to the application and to schedule the PMU appointment around the middle of the treatment.

It is also very important to discontinue multivitamins that contain vitamin A, here there is a risk of dissolving PMU. On the other hand, it is advisable to start taking vitamin C 14 days before the application.

After the procedure, each client is informed about home care. Please always take this information very seriously. Your home care is as important to the outcome as the application itself. After approximately one month, a correction should be made.

What is permanent makeup correction?

Correction is an integral part of the permanent makeup application, and that's why every client has it for FREE, unlike most other studios!

During correction, imperfections that appeared after healing after the first session are fine-tuned. The areas that have fallen out of place are filled in, and the colour and shape can also be fine-tuned. Every client is different and has different skin. Age, health, lifestyle and many other factors affect the outcome of permanent makeup application. Adherence to the client's aftercare and recommended restrictions is also very important and is always communicated to each client on the spot. Corrections are made within 1 -2 months of the first visit. If the client chooses not to undergo correction, I cannot guarantee the quality of the work in this case. Another bonus of the correction is the longer durability of the permanent make up.

What is a correction?

Correction is the second visit when the deficiencies after the first application are corrected. I recommend the correction to almost all my clients, which is why it is included in the price. With correction, not only do we touch up areas that didn't stick or are light after the first visit, but we can incorporate more color into the skin and the PMU lasts longer. It's a complete procedure that perfects the result of the first visit.

The correction is carried out at the earliest 5 weeks after application. This is because the healing process itself takes about a week, but it takes 28 days for the skin to recover and during this time the PMU changes and the colour becomes intense. It is also necessary to allow the skin to regenerate so that it is not traumatized and no injury or scarring occurs. PMU is a process and cannot be rushed. Correction must be done within two months at the latest. After that, it is no longer a correction but a new procedure.

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