About me

I opened my first studio in 2005. Back then I was doing cosmetics, makeup and nail design. I did makeup for fashion shows, photo shoots, weddings and proms. Over time, I fell in love with permanent makeup and it, along with cosmetics, became my main activities, which I still do to this day. I go to training courses, both domestic and international, I follow what's new on the market and I try to choose the best for my clients as if I were choosing it for myself. Everything I work with, I have tested on myself.

I am of the opinion that the basis for every woman ( but also men ) should be healthy and properly treated skin. Only then should everything else come into play, such as botox, hyaluronic acid fillers, and similar treatments. We all want to be beautiful and we all have similar problems: acne in our youth, then wrinkles, sensitive skin, not growing eyebrows, etc. I've been helping clients for many years, and based on my own experience, to smile back, like themselves and feel more confident. And when I succeed, I know my work is meaningful.

I can speak Czech, English and German. My certification.

11years of experience
11thousands of clients
11thousand procedures