Janssen cosmetics

The Janssen cosmetic brand is not one of those that you normally see on the shelves of drugstores, as is usually the case with professional cosmetics. However, if you go to a salon, many will recommend it. It is suitable for all skin types, and even for very problematic skin. It can often deal with dermatitis, i.e. skin inflammation, because the products are at the crossroads of cosmetics and pharmacy. Janssen provides products for all purposes and you will certainly welcome their reasonable prices.

In the new catalogue you will find products for face, lip, décolleté and body care. They contain all the "good stuff" like coconut oil extracts, macadamia oil, hyaluronic acid, seaweed, avocado extracts, fomes mushroom, oat proteins, and we could go on and on. So the skin gets what it really wants and behaves accordingly. You can see the results very soon. Janssen Cosmeceutical's motto is "We beautify the world". And I would change it just a little bit: "We beautify the world and take care of the health of the skin...". By the way, you can read all the other important information on the website https://www.janssen-beauty.cz/